The site is a mixture of low and high rise residential apartments, commercial, luxury hotel with roof top pool, swimming pool and substantial underground car park. The development proposal consists of 8 ‘blocks’ or semi independent buildings which incorporate a variety of functions for an integrated resort complex. Ideally the project and its facilities may serve to anchor and support a future regional hub of tourist and cultural destinations associated with the Western Australia Coral Coast.

A five star green star ESD. As part of our ESD design principles it is intended to incorporate extensive solar and wind power generation systems with medium rise apartment buildings to incorporate open central atria to allow cross ventilation to all apartments.

The creation of a leeward-side plaza and esplanade streetscape incorporating mature tree canopy imparting mottled shade to kerb side alfresco areas that are protected by the substantial building to the west.

The creation of extensive internal landscaped gardens incorporating health and fitness facilities. These gardens provide a sanctuary from the strong prevailing sea breezes when they become uncomfortable – which is most afternoons.

Incorporation of an outdoor movie theatre seating up to 300 people, well protected by the surrounding buildings and lined around the perimeter with mature trees creating an ambiance reminiscent of the Somerville Auditorium in the grounds of the University of Western Australia.