Longreach Bay Beach Resort, is a resort-style development capable of accommodating overnight guests in an array of modest buildings in keeping with the scale of traditional Rottnest Island cottages, and having as its centrepiece a world class resort facility.

With surrounding accommodations of 160 rooms, a central facility will house cocktail bar, restaurant, conference, business centre, and swimming pool facilities as part of its hospitality sectors, and gym, spa pool, treatment and therapy facilities as part of its day spa sector. Hotel Longreach, a beach-orientated bar grill and restaurant arranged around a garden courtyard and associated alfresco gardens and associated with a cafe/patisserie, will be specially designed and operated to cater to the entire holidaying public at Rottnest Island to the finest standards of informal hospitality.

The wellbeing of destinations is fundamental to sustainable tourism. Design and engineering for this project therefore have as their aim the protection and preservation of the uniqueness of the place, conservation of its natural and cultural heritage, and minimisation of any negative impact. To enhance the landscape and its biodiversity and to conserve natural resources, we must address issues including low carbon design, renewable energy, water efficiency, waste minimisation, responsible sourcing and self-sufficiency.